Boss Rush!

Hey folks!

Last week, @shakao, @richard, @jwunderl and I made a boss battle every day on the Arcade Advanced Livestream (, 1pm PDT), and now they’ve been stitched together (by @richard and @shakao) into a boss rush!

We’re pretty happy with the result:

It’s pretty hard IMO, especially that Daryl character :wink:

The recordings of how we made this are here:
vs. Albert
vs. Bertha
vs. Chase
vs. Daryl
vs. ???


Finally beat it on my 8th attempt :slight_smile:


yeah daryl sure is hard. he is a RNG nightmare.

Uh, I cant seem to jump up to the second/third platform. bug?

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maybe put a bit more jump?

AAAHHHH o god man i was at chase and i died and it was realy hard to do the other two without losing that much health and i have to do them again so pls add saving

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and a way to get more health

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Finally beat it after days of dying to chase, daryl, and ???

I can’t seem to jump up to the next platform. Perhaps it’s broken? :frowning_face:


yeah i noticed that bug too so i went ahead and increased the jump without breaking the game