Build a City

This is a game that I’ve wanted to make for a while, but never got around to creating! In this game, you buy different structures and try to construct a happy city! The game introduction has all of the instuctions! Enjoy, and make sure to let me know about any bugs you find in the game! I fixed as many as I could find! :office: :school: :derelict_house:


Uh, is this the wrong link? it takes me to a platformer.

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I was the 50th clicker •^•

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Alright, I’ve fixed the link I think! I have no idea why that happened!

The link must have gone to another game that I duplicated from this one. For some reason, MakeCode retains the same link for original projects, as well as their duplicates. When I updated the duplicate project link (the platformer) it also must’ve updated this link.