Building an autopilot

I’ve really enjoyed playing with arcade.makecode - giving me insight into the construction of games.

One fun thing I came up with - building an autopilot for a space shoot-em-up.

This Star Wars themed “Asteroids” is pretty simple:

Steer the Falcon, shoot the asteroids and Star Destroyers (you can only destroy asteroids, but get points for hitting the Destroyers).

At some point I came up with a silly idea: an autopilot - but I made it external.
I made this program for the Circuit Playground Express: - it uses HID capability so, if you run the arcade program in a browser, and connect the CPX with a cable you can fire off commands.

If you move the switch to the right, it just starts shooting randomly and moving around. Switch to the left, the buttons let you blast a stream of fire. Tilting moves the ship too.

Eventually I decided to program the autopilot INTO the game. In the Asteroids game, if you press DOWN and LEFT at the same time, C3P0 comes on board - after that, press “B” turns him on/off.


BTW - this version is better:

I’d neglected to set the Star Destroyers to “auto destroy” so the game bogged down after a while keeping track of them sailing off unseen…