Can someone make a mouse extension?

it will have mouse x and y mouse columns and rows it will have a on mouse overlaps sprite and a on sprite clicked if you want

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I don’t think thats possible with makecode as its designed to run on physical devices that don’t have mice attached to them : (

It is currently not possible for the simulator to know the mouse position. Plus, how to handle touchscreens, and when there are more than two touches happening simultaneously?

Maybe if we customize jacdac? Awkward programming and getting it to simulate, but possibly possible.

this might be coming in the future :wink:

browser only though

And plugging a mouse into the pins on a hardware? (does arcade hardware have pins? I don’t own any)

@DZY04 nope, no hardware support planned. this one will be browser only

So you’re saying that you could introduce browser-only features? Doesn’t that mean you could add more unique colors and make it exclusive to the sim

nope! 99% of the code for arcade is shared between the hardware and browser, including all of the image manipulation code. if we were to support more colors, we would have to re-implement huge portions of the game engine for the browser which would be a bad idea

adding a new feature for just the browser is easy though, since it doesn’t require any changes to the code that runs on the hardware.

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i think we can just take the last input. and if they ar activated in the same time just pic a random one