Can't reschedule countdown

Is it still not possible to reschedule a countdown from within blocks in an on countdown end block?

@jwunderl had a workaround here but it was in JavaScript and I like to stick to blocks as it’s easier and doesn’t mess up how the blocks are layed out, etc…

I fixed it in beta, but we haven’t had a release for a little while so it’s not out quite yet :frowning:.

I was about to reply that you could put it in an after x do block you made in your awesome timers extension linked here but you beat me to it.

Yes, thatll work - can also just use a flag value in a forever loop:

(Oh, and Daryl made that extension :slight_smile: )

I think that staying at home is finally getting to me. :man_facepalming:

Sorry Daryl.

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