Countdown clock not appearing

Can somebody have a look at this game code and tell me why the countdown clock is not initiating at score 10? My student wants to have the game start a countdown clock at a certain score, and give the player that much time to score a number of additional points or they lose. However, the countdown doesn’t initiate when “On Score.”

Thank you in advance.

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@goffchris I think this might be related to another bug that we’re currently looking at where only one on score block will work. We have an update planned to fix it. In the meantime, you should be able to get around this by adding a score checker to the overlap where the score happens (after the score):

Screenshot by Dropbox Capture

I know it’s annoying, but we’re working on it!

@jwunderl - Do you think that’s what’s happening here?

Yes, if you go from blocks to typescript you’ll see it:

the second onScore ‘overrides’ the first.

The PR that fixes it is here:, it’s working in beta but we have to do a hotfix for that issue~

bruh, man this game is easy

I mean, he could be a rookie right? @Mega0star01

Just put one of the guardians/warriors (I don’t know what they’re called) in the upper left corner and you win fast