Carnival Shooting Gallery (Game)

The object is to clear all the targets. Once clear the timer restarts with 5 secs less each time. Once the timer runs out the game is over…Enjoy.


These were always among my favorite games in the arcade, and they remain high on my list. I love the gameplay! Can you tell we’re from the midwestern U.S., since we call them pop cans? :slight_smile: (Apparently, that term has moved further west than I thought it had, e.g., although many other maps corroborate the story told there.)

Nicely done, @Vidget!


Pop was easier to fit than Soda…LOL…But you’re 100% right. I lived in Georgia for awhile growing up,
they call it Soda.

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Best one so far. I love it.

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I agree this is still one of my FAV…the colors moving sprites. I would love to add animations when the ducks get hit…maybe some else can try. Shoot fast to WIN.

I really like this

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