Cat Jumper


Hey this looks great! I love your cat drawings! Also great choice on the fireball, much better looking than mine :slight_smile:

I noticed when I loaded the project there was some jitter on the cat when it’s on the ground:

The long story:
This is a subtle problem that I might make another video to address. The issue is that the “at rest” frame of the cat is a little bit off the ground so that when the image switches to the cat at rest it actually lifts the cat off the ground a little bit and causes the cat to start falling again and this happens infinitely. It’s not an easy problem to spot and I’ll think about a way to make this more obvious to users.

The short story: For now, here’s the fix, just shift the “at rest” frame down until it touches the bottom of the image:

Great level design, btw. Your levels are a good challenge while still being achievable.

Dear Darzu!

I made the following program from your video: Cat Jumper.

I uploaded Cat Jumper because no one has uploaded it to the Forum.

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