Charred Earth 1.0

I made a thing:

This is a makecode arcade game inspired by the 90’s shareware hit Scorched Earth. There’s plenty of things I can add, but I think it’s already a fun, playable game.


B: swap between view panning and tank control mode
A: fire!

View panning:
U/D/L/R: move the camera… find the other tank!

Tank control:
L/R: adjust the turret angle
U/D: adjust the power of your shot

Note: the game begins in view panning mode, but after the first shot will stay in tank control mode until you explicitly swap back.

I hope you enjoy!


This is great! I love the random level placement and how the view panning works.

Nice use of the arcade-sprite-data extension too! FYI @peli


@darzu make sure to tag posts…


this is so cool, also how did you get the image text extension? that could be helpful!

this is great, thanks

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The image text extension is just something I wrote in that game. Sorry, I didn’t publish the extension anywhere (I didn’t put much thought into its design; I just did the minimum for what I needed).

A couple of days ago I posted this thread Text sprite extension where @richard shared a slightly different extension that might be useful for you, though.

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Ok, thanks,
i will see what i can find

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