Charred Earth tank game update

My meowbit arrives tomorrow, so I figured I’d better make the player count adjustable without having to edit the code. :sweat_smile:

This release adds:

  • adjustable player count (from 2–5)
  • wind for a little extra variability
  • a couple of new maps (including a rare volcano level! :volcano:)

Here’s the control overview from my original post:


B : swap between view panning and tank control mode
A : fire!

View panning:
U / D / L / R : move the camera… find the other tank!

Tank control:
L / R : adjust the turret angle
U / D : adjust the power of your shot

Note: the game begins in view panning mode, but after the first shot will stay in tank control mode until you explicitly swap back.


thanks, this is a cool and fun game :slight_smile:
However when I try to get it on the Meowbit, the barrels of the tanks are missing.
In fact the barrels are missing in version 1.0 as well and also, when you go to “edit code” in the simulator.
Cheers, Clemens

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weird, i seem to do fine, i can see the barrels, also @jacob_c, we need to talk, it took me 34 tries to get the volcano map


Weird! My meowbit came and I have barrels on tanks on mine:

The only hitch my meowbit has is with the game over/win sound effect… it kind of… hitches or stutters in the middle.

Unfortunately, I don’t really know how to start looking into either issue yet. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can chime in…

One of my all-time favorite games from my childhood! My friends, siblings, and I would spend hours at a time scorching the Earth. :slight_smile: Nice rendition! Well done!

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Cool Game, love it! (Recommendation: Can you make different bullets to choose from?)

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Ha! Great suggestion. The original game had an economy component and a market where you could buy different muntions that had different in game effects.

I’m already working on a different game now, but maybe the mood will strike me right to put another round of features into this one.

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I got the volcano map 2nd try

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Fun game. Takes me back to when my brother and I would play QBASIC Gorillas.