Clyde's english basics [corrected translation]

I’m sorry I deleted the original page with this game, there was a very poorly translated text and I had to redo everything, but now, the first version is completed for sure
(already V1.1)

yes it’s baldi’s basics but 2d because i can’t do normal raycasting games (I can’t program in java)

mushroom mushroom mushroom mushroomm

Can you see the secret loading screen? (1% chance)

Collect all notebooks and then run away from Clyde’s school!

later i will make a little secret in this game

------------------ HOW TO PLAY -----------------------

activate the bottom slot by pressing
button A

activate the top slot by pressing
button B

pick up things by pressing button A

use the coin to buy items from vending machines

Don’t get caught by clyde!

this game is really good (still trying to beat it).

it becomes REALLY hard when you need to collect the last notebook

you have to answer all the questions correctly, use items to escape after collecting the last notebook