Code not working

One of my students posed this to me. I am asking for help. "When I put If fireball Overlaps with skull dude then destroy skull dude with fountain for 500 it won’t let me start the game "!F7828497-060A-4F38-B9E8-A3C637FF7255_4_5005_c

Hi there can you get a share link to the code?

Can you share the game? Also I think it would be better if they use the event on sprite kind overlaps othersprite kind.

@BruceSchwa As @UnsignedArduino and @Agent_14 have said, it would be much better if you shared the game (@ mention me if you need help sharing) to us, meaning that we can edit the code and hopefully, fix your issue!

Thanks, Primal_Nexus,

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It’s because Fireball isn’t defined - you didn’t make it yet so it becomes null and you check whether null is overlapping with a sprite.

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