Controlling a TB6600 Microstep Driver using a Microbit

Hi folks. I need to control a NEMA17 stepper motor (that requires 24v), and I have a TB6600 Microstep driver, that I know can power it. I’m hoping to use a Microbit to send the control signals to the TB6600. Does anyone know if this is even possible. From what I have seen online, the TB6600 is usually controlled using an Arduino. Perhaps the Microbit doesn’t have the necessary resources to do the job. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe that the TB6600 will respond to a 3.3v signal, but it would make it much easier to write the code if there was a Makecode extension for the TB6600. Does anybody know if there is one available. I couldn’t find one in the Makecode extension library.