Conversation Collaboration Game


I’ve seen a lot of people doing these collaboration things, and I wanted to try making one of my own too!

So in this collaboration, I plan to make a game with unique characters and lots of places to discover, kinda like Undertale without all the battling and lore.
I plan to make some pretty dark - humor dialogue for some of the more shady characters, but not too inappropriate.
I would really appreciate it if you could help in this collaboration.


I can help with the story i can show you my work if you need proof

Also, I’m not gonna put a lot of detail in the story, I’m first gonna focus a lot on the characters. You can help with making some of them, if you’d like. They can be literally anything, like a ginormous building, or a squashed beetle. Just post the image of the character, so I can add it to the game. Btw, I’m using a custom pallets, so the final art can be slightly different.


You don’t need to show me, I already saw a lot of your amazing work :grinning:


Maybe some kind of earthbound :smirk:

If you want to add your own character, tell me about his/her personality and a few of their lines.

i can try to help. what specifically do you need in the story or what character do you need designed that you aren’t doing already?

I could try to help with my 5 brain cells

Hes the game I made

You can make some character art for various places, or help me code, cause I can’t.

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i can make a in-battle zone and some attacks