Coronavirus Graphing using Meowbit and Arcade, video

To help kids understand graphing data, thank you @ChaseMor for the extension and @KittenBot , Christina Zhang for the Meowbit. This display plots on the Y axis the number of “CasesReported” and on the X axis the days from Jan.22 to Feb.9th, 2020 according to Johns Hopkins Univ dashboard and The Lancet reports of cases from WHO and China CDC, early on in the virus outbreak. Pressing the left arrow button changes screen from plot points to plot lines.
Here is the code share link:
Links to web sites are below the code link in the description on the YouTube video.
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Cool work

Well, clearly I did not know what I was doing in the above program except to substitute data in the code for that given by @ChaseMor in his example., so below I’ve cleaned up the variables to make them more meaningful but still get an annoying meaningless red line for the second data plot when the left arrow is pressed. The blue line seems to match the data entered, not so the red. Any ideas how to fix this? US cases of Coronavirus up to March 4th graphed with Arcade:


An update on this “graphing” use of Arcade by @bosnivan, he sent me the modified program with better comments. This program can be used with BrainPad or Meowbit for graphing any two sets of data so you could apply it to your country. Johns Hopkins Univ. dashboard as noted in the above YouTube link description. I have not yet tried it with Adafruit PiGamer. Here’s Ivan’s code:
and here is today’s graph of USA cases from data published by American CDC. I corrected the early March data which was revised by The CDC. These data are only up to March 9th because the CDC warns of inaccuracy for any newer figures as reports are still coming in for March 10-16th.
The CDC charts:

Woah, I take a few months off and you all are still using my extensions. Cool stuff! Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for your extensions, @ChaseMor

Hey @ChaseMor, what is the website for that extension

It’s here: