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Could the camera be larger?

Adding a multiplayer function is amazing! But the camera is wayyyyyyy to small for a 2 player game. I am trying to make combat games and the maps have to be extremely small to have 2 players on the same screen. Is there a way to change to camera so it affects a larger portion of the map in javascrip? If not, I would recommend adding an option to change camera size! Thanks!

Hi, thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to do this. All Arcade games have the same screen resolution of 160x120 pixels. That’s because the hardware devices we support ( all use that screen size.

This is unfortunate, thanks for the feedback tho!

@DeltaMTH are you just using the simulator in the browser here?

Is there anyway for JACDAC to run over IP between two browsers on a LAN? I’ve not done any JACDAC comms so far - I’m assuming the programming model is very different with two independent games executing exchanging messages? That could offer a two (or more) player experience for a group using the simulator in the browser?

Potentially one could use WebRTC to transfer JACDAC packets over web sockets over a local network. It would still require a https web site to perform the handshake to start the session.
This is not something we have planned for now.