Cursor movement

I wanted to make a tile-aligned cursor that didn’t just snap to the coordinates when moving. I vaguely recalled from an advanced livestream that svg paths can be used in sprite animations…

… and I came up with this. Is this a terrible idea for implementing a cursor that transitions to locations rather than just immediately snapping to them? Are there potentially problems with getting misaligned to the grid that I need to worry about if the timing lines up just right wrong?

Also, thanks to … someone (@jwunderl, probably)… for pointing out the Controller extension that lets you configure button repeat rates. Very handy!

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This is great, lots of time I’ve wanted this (e.g. for tower defense games). The one thing about the svg paths that comes to mind is that they don’t interoperate well with tilemap walls if I remember right, but that’d be a bug we’d probably want to fix if it causes issues!

(Also, yes I did add that block a while ago / mention it in another thread a few days ago hah :stuck_out_tongue:)