Cyber Fusion Devlog

I’ve started making a cyberpunk metroidvania game inspired by Metroid.


is this gif from makecode (I dunno if this scheme is possible on makecode)?

Yeah, I recorded a video then transferred it to a gif

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It looks pretty cool but the quality of that gif is like 144p


Wow so cool

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Don’t you know you can directly export gifs from MakeCode? That way you don’t have to manually convert and you can keep all of the quality

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Oh! How?

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First, hit the share button to export your game, which should bring you to this screen

There, click the “update project thumbnail” button.
Once there, click the “record” button and record your gameplay as long as you want to.

Then, stop the recording and wait for the gif to render. Once that’s done, right click the recording and press “Save image as…”


At that point you can just save your gif file and export it anyway! Just make sure you scale it up on discourse when uploading since the gif files are pretty small

You can do this by editing the image tag - for example change ![image|<resolution>](<image url goes here>) and add some percentage, eg. 150% to scale it, like so:

![image|<resolution>, 150%](<image url here>)

how many times am i gonna be used for part of a game title? :rofl:

android quality :skull::skull::skull:

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this is a makecode game???