Dark dungeons v2.1

whats new in v2.1?
*bug fixes
*intro level now improved and becomes home page
*added stars for better art
*added an Option in which you can choose enemy’s or not
*no new levels this update

upcoming updates?
*boss mode
*story mode
*new bright levels

description: this is a game where you kill enemy’s and find amazing obstacles and tricks. this game is full of levels and fun!


i’m sorry but according to the coding, it is not possible to make the character picker. it is no error. it is the shooting button that’s blocking it from making it possible. i will add another thing though. thanks!

It is so cool!

Your Game Is So Cool!

Thanks for you all guys good feedback. You should look at the upcoming updates

Hey! I saw your game and though it was very neat! I decideed to try to make a remade version of your game, its co cool! https://makecode.com/_TsTbLuW0E5Fy