Debugger variables only show in slo-mo

I am trying to see the value of my variables in debug mode but they only appear when in I enable slo-mo.
In regular mode I this is what I get

and in slo-mo

In order to see your variables, you must be in slow mode or pause the program via the blue pause button:
Once paused, you can resume with that button.

The variables appear in slo-mo or if you add a break point to one of your blocks/lines of code. If you do this, the code will pause when it reaches that line, and you can look at the variables from there.

I don’t get this really. Why is Slo-Mo deleting variables from the game?

It shouldn’t. You can only view variables in slow-mo or when the game is paused. Otherwise it will just say running…

It does not. It only does not show them.

Ohhhhhh. Ok, sorry, I misunderstanded.

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