Defender explosion

After reading the article on Defender explosions in Wireframe 1 (page 33, Toolbox), I tried out this effect on Arcade. This is using sprites so it’s not as efficient as our particle system.

See the original:


@jwunderl a show about creating particle effects? The effect could start from the sprite pixels and explode them.

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a show as in a youtube video? This one’s likely easy enough that I could make it in a quick video, don’t think we’ve done any / many js videos yet though. (and if you mean a random sampling from the sprite’s colored pixels, that’s just the current ashes effect with velocity set like your example and setting acceleration to 0)

I did want to add an effect that mimics shannons jump ‘puff’ / dust cloud from the last stream too; maybe I’ll make an extension with those, and we could merge them in closer to next release.

(Not till after Thursday at least though hah)


More effects! Is there a guide on how to add them as an extension?

Awesome…thanks for the link to the article! I loved Defender!