Delay between blocks

When I run my program there is a long delay (1-2 seconds) in between some of the blocks. The delay is after the previous block is finished and before the next block starts. The blocks are custom that use the gyro and are under namespace motors. They are inside of a function which is inside of an if statement. I can’t figure out whether the delay is because they are custom blocks, or that they use the gyro, or if there is too much abstraction. The simulator doesn’t have the delay.

Most likely, the gyro is trying to calibrate or waiting to be ready.

Awesome thanks! I that was the problem. I was able to take out the gyro reset. That got rid of the delay.

By the way, it seems the gyro reset was also causing a delay between a button press and movement. I was using an if button pressed and then my gyro blocks. I think the blocks caused delay there too.