Developing for Adafruit boards in Pure Static TypeScript?

Hello! I was directed here from the Adafruit forums by John Park so I apologize if I’m naive about anything :slight_smile: but excited to learn and connect with you all!

I’m trying to understand a little better the opportunities of writing code in Static TypeScript targeting, for example, a Feather M4 Express with a TFT display.

Would it be possible to write a game in pure Static TypeScript using an IDE like JetBrains WebStorm… and skip over the browser-based workflows? I’m reading as many articles/blog posts as I can and it feels like this should be possible, but perhaps not many folks doing it that way.

Thanks everyone, any advice/guidance is appreciated!


I’m new here too.

Though I can’t say I know much about “Pure Static Typescript”, (or even what that is :wink:).

However I AM interested in developing in MakeCode for Adafruit - particularly the Adafruit CLUE - a micro:bit on steroids!  (And what I think the micro:bit v2 should have been.) - so I am going to follow this closely.