Dialog problem

Can someone help me with the dialog between mysprite and singe2
The dialog restarts automaticaly and I’m stuck with mysinge2 (my monkey 2).


I believe this fixes the problem for you:

The issue was that the forever loop was creating a bunch of the monkey (one each iteration) and placing them on top of each other, causing multiple overlap triggers in a row between each one and the player.

Few other things I saw that might be helpful:

The animation extension will cut down on the number of blocks in the program by a lot – the forever loops for the character animations can be replaced with a single ‘start animation’:

You don’t need to handle the overlaps between each coin one by one – you could use a single overlap event that will work for all of them:

can just be:

note the use of otherSprite to refer to the coin that you have overlapped with.

I made a few of those changes in this version to show how it could be done:

(I changed the snakes to use animations, and the coins to use overlap events)

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