Dirt Bike Racing Collab

Hey Guys. This Is Gonna Hard To Explain. So Basically, What I wanna do is make a Dirt Bike Racing Game.

Y’know. Just Testing Makecode’s Limits…But I’ve Hit A Wall. I need help with Kart Combos, CPU, Polishing, And ALOT MORE! This isn’t one of those problems I can Solo-q no problem.

Choose Something You Can Help With. (PLEASE don’t vote if you can’t do it)

  • Making The Game Look Good
  • Effects/Polishing
  • Kart Combinations / Garage
  • Shops and Main Menu
  • CPU’S
  • Stats
  • Maps And Difficulty

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Beta Game Link:

Thanks In Advance Guys! (Those who help get an In-game Shout-out)


i can help wit finding bugs

This post took so long to approve I finished the game…lol


I can definately help!