Display Strings extension (beta)

I’ve mentioned this one, too, in quite a few other posts. I’ve created an extension that you can use to write strings in different ways onto images. MakeCode Arcade already has methods that you can use in JavaScript to print strings onto images.[1] This extension enhances those built-in functions, and it also brings some basic functionality to the Blocks interface. I consider this one to be beta software, as there still may be some rough edges.

See it in action here:

Extension URL (for importing into your own projects): https://github.com/robo-technical-group/pxt-arcade-display-strings.git

You can see it in action in many of my games, particularly Hunt the Wumpus and Salvo! Both of those are JavaScript games, but I use the extension in my Blocks games from time to time, too.

API documentation is available here: https://github.com/robo-technical-group/pxt-arcade-display-strings/blob/master/api.md

Have fun!

[1] Use IntelliSense to learn about the Image.print and Image.printCenter functions that are built into MakeCode Arcade.

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