Do you want to be a Boat Captain?

Hi Forum, i am new and here is the first game I made. Its for my 6yo Son who loves the german sea- rescue organisation ( /

The game is in german, but my son can not read yet and still is able to play, so it seems to be kind of self-explenatory.

here is from the readme:
“HI, welcome to my litle game you are the Captain (Vormann) of a german rescue cruiser, you have to patrol the area (choose a map first) and find people floating in the sea or their life rafts. You can use your binoculars (B) to track down people that need help. Burning ships can be extinguished by using your water canon (A). make sure to not colide with others vessels, as it might sink them and break your ship… You can repair your ship and bunker new fuel at every yellow harbour crane. Maybe you find some hidden gems in the game as well… have fun…”

i´d love to hear what you think about it.


I think I will like it a lot and I even think it is interesting