Does anybody want to help with a football game?

I have been inspired by Retro Bowl to create my own retro-type football game ‘BitBall’. I was just wondering if anybody would like to help with concepts, art, scripting, etc.

I need somebody who knows how to use the dart extension since I am having troubles with it as well, I am currently trying to position it but it does not use the same functions as average sprites do.

but this would be hard when there is depth code in retro bowl

yeah but we could use tilemaps to measure yards

can you explain to me how to use the tile map as a z axis

Like as a football field, whenever you let’s say get tackled, you would use the tilemap and say that you ran _ yards.

Let’s say the football field may be too big then at that point you would take the yards divided by however much you want.

Makecode X NFL Tutorial

so i know how to make the # of yards ran im asking how are we going to code a z axis onto the tilemap

Hey everyone! I’m back! I just wanted to revive this post since I really liked the concept, and I haven’t worked on a makecode game in a while. Here’s the prototype,

Also regarding what @Purp13 said, we do not need a z-axis, just an x, and y. I am planning on this being a 2d game.