Does anyone know how to decompress a string?

I’m wanting to input a string like this for example
And have it output this
15 f 174 w 17 l 105 f
I’m having trouble because sometimes it either only does the space left of the letter, or it freezes all of Makecode Arcade.

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Whats this peice for?

It’s just the letter L

This is what I have so far

Screenshot 2023-03-09 1.30.37 PM

Well yes but the rest have numbers

Can you explain what do the letters signify? Are they just random separators or do they have a meaning?

They represent certain tiles, there are 4 types total

Could you provide definitions for them? It would make it easier to create a base or mockup for this kind of project.

I think I know what you mean by definitions? Here’s what they represent in order

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And what do the numbers beforehand represent? Is that their position?

That’s the amount of tiles before the the next different tile