Dragon battle

I hope you enjoy, please comment anything you would like to say


This is super cool, I love the minimap & use of status bars! Maybe there could be some dialog when you or the opponent takes damage – for example, the sprite could say ‘ow!’

This is really cool, but here’s a suggestion: put the dragon health bar on top of the screen and make it follow the player so it can be seen easier

I am new to the forum, I don’t know how to update a game after you post it

ya repost the game

Just make a new share link and post it here again.

I literally just said that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think you guys posted at the same time! Since the mods have to approve each post, there will be some delay between when a reply is sent and when it shows up on the forum, so we sometimes get dupicate replies :slight_smile:

@heelo In terms of updating a game, you can open the link you posted and click “Edit Code” to open up your game again if you are on a different machine or browser. Also make sure you keep all updates in the same forum thread! This helps people who are interested in your game follow the new releases, and keeps our forum from being cluttered.


HaHa lol

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