Drawing lines

can somebody help me?

Well, first you will need to define picture. You can’t just draw it on nothing.

Sharing your code will help, unless that’s the only line of code in it.

yea that is… but how do i define picture?


The second method will fill it with blank pixels (color 0)

You can also do this:


You can also do this too, but it will take up about 10KB of memory if I remember correctly since it has to bring the whole picture into memory. (Actually 9600 bytes, if each pixel is half a byte)

EDIT: Actually, modifying any image programically will be loaded in memory. Keep that in mind if you want to run games on hardware.

thank you!

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oh, and is there a way to stop code but not reset game?

What do you mean? If you want the entire game to freeze, just pause inside an on game update.


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Beware, this will freeze everything. Even the pause menu button.