DuckSplat! (game)

Hi, I’d like to submit DuckSplat to the community game list. You are the duck and the goal is to not get splatted for as long as you can! The plungers get faster the longer you survive so it’s not too easy :wink:

MakeCode Link

My high score is 42.
I’d appreciate any feedback!
One idea I have is the arcade game page would be more interactive if it had a scoreboard.


Oh that is a wicked little game! Very entertaining! Nice work, @DeanFaizal. And welcome to the MakeCode community!

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Thanks Alex! The plungers accelerate faster over time so it does get harder :slight_smile:

Awesome! That’s a fun game. I’ll get this on the community section today!

One idea: have you thought about making the duck movement happen in discrete steps? I keep getting clipped by the edge of the plunger even when I think I’m safe :laughing:


I did think about that but in the end I preferred the tight quick adjustments you have to make and the constant excitement that comes with close calls.

But you’re more than welcome to reuse the code to create a version with discrete steps! :smiley:

Haha, nice I like it. Maybe I will remix it :stuck_out_tongue:
Your game is in beta and should show up on the live site in a day or so.

You might need to use an incognito/private tab to see the changes due to local browser caching.


Great game! It’s my pick for Game of the Week