Dungeon Collapse Ultimate RPG


Select/Attack: A
Interact: B
Move: Arrow Keys or WASD


You are an explorer and you are stuck inside a dungeon, you figure out how to get out of the dungeon in this puzzle RPG game

What do you think the next game should be?
  • About a princess in distress needing to be saved
  • About another puzzle dungeon
  • About a villan fort that is trying to take over the world!
  • About a giant tower filled with monsters to battle!

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Poll will end May 1st

Have fun and enjoy!


Also I have an idea for the villain fort. An op boss that is still beatable.

If you’d like, you can help out for the next game after, of course, May 1st which is when the poll closes.

Hurry up guys! the poll will end in 2 days! Thank you to those who voted! Results will be shown May 1.

Dangit. just missed it. lol

Giant tower filled with monsters to battle wins! Thank you to those who voted. If you missed it, That’s okay!

Now to work on the game!

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Sorry for the delay. I get busy sometimes and im getting too busy right now, I am not using Makecode now until somewhere next week or in 2 weeks.

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