Dungeoneer Platforms

This is just something random I made using a tutorial, since I never made a Platformer Game before. Feel free to improve on it and post your versions in the Replies!


I like your game. How many levels are there?

Can you please make it so that you don’t have to jump on enemies to get to the high platform at level 3?

But you don’t,. You just have to jump at the last moment. It can be annoying to complete, but honestly,that was kind of the point, to make it like a Jump King level.

4 so far

Very cool

This is funny… I was messing around with making a calculator, which suddenly gave an idea to make an educational version of the game, for Arithmetic haters(or lovers)!

There is a bug that sometimes happens when the subject changes next level, but this happens so randomly and occasionally, plus I checked my code over like 70 times and found nothing wrong with it, so it probably has something to do with the extension. Nonetheless, enjoy and learn!