Eat that fish! Randomized

Based on what I saw from @Essie, and the game,, I wanted to my version more random.

Please let me know what you think of the game and how I might improve it. I would :heartpulse: to hear your thoughts and ideas.

I do have a problem I would like to fix.

  • The dogs all move at the same speed. I would like to have the dogs move around at different speeds, getting faster towards the end of the game. Is that because I only have one reference to ‘a dog’, and when I spawn a new one, and change the speed, all enemies change? Do I need to use an array of enemies?

In a future version I want to:

  • control how often the fish and dogs spawn at different rates;
  • have another sprite that captures the dogs;
  • perhaps add some walls;
  • add other types of food sprites