Element Catch: The Compound Creator (Game)

This is the second game my friends and I had to make on MakeCode Arcade! Same time frame and all. Thus, this second game ended up becoming Element Catch: The Compound Creator (or Element Catch for short).

The controls are as follows: D-Pad (arrow keys) to move. The aim of the game is to make compounds using the elements that drop down from the ceiling. If you collect too many of one element or catch the wrong element, you will be hurt.

This game holds 8 levels (but only 6 compounds) which can possibly get more difficult as you progress. Some levels hold more elements to catch than others and all level’s elements spawn randomly.

This game teaches any player / users how to create compounds and which elements make them.


I love the creativity of the two games that you’ve presented so far! Brilliant!


This is so epic

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such an addicting game, couldn’t stop playing for hours

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Definitely a good idea and a great game to build on adding more elements and compounds!

This is a nice twist to collecting games!

I have an idea: make gaseous elements fall down slower and more reactive elements (Na, Cl) move faster between left and right