Enemy follow in a maze game

I’m making a pacman style maze game and I want to have my enemies follow my sprite, but with more logic than the “enemy follow mysprite” block. I want them to follow the maze pathways. The “enemy follow” block just makes the enemies run into walls and get stuck in corners. Is there any way to do this?

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Absolutely, @bee

There was a trick back in the old Shang Chi map that did something just like this:


A little barrier wouldn’t stop a Ten Rings assassin. Let’s teach them to jump when something stands in their way.

► From ||scene:Scene||, drag
||scene:on [sprite] of kind [Player] hits wall at [location]|| into an empty area of the workspace and change ||scene:Player|| to ||scene:Enemy||.

► From ||sprites:Sprites|| drag ||sprites:make [mySprite] hurdle side wall|| into the empty container.

► Drag the ||variables(noclick):sprite|| value from the outer container down to replace ||variables(noclick):mySprite||.

scene.onHitWall(SpriteKind.Enemy, function (sprite, location) {

(You obviously don’t need to make them jump at a wall, you can have them turn around or otherwise change their velocity, instead.)

Thanks! This looks like it might do what I want. I can’t find the “make MySprite hurdle side wall” block. It seems to be from an extension, but I can’t figure out which one.

The Tilemap Path Finding extension works great for this!

or you can mak a path form your enemy to your sprite using :its a path finder

This extension is great! I"ve got the enemy to follow my sprite. But it only follows the path exactly, I can’t seem to get it to update the path. I’ve tried putting the “sprite ducks follow path” block in a game update or forever loop, but it doesn’t work. Any suggestions? https://arcade.makecode.com/S84836-56548-19698-75495