Error Code 021

Sometimes my Game on Meowbit crashes and it shows an error (021) .
Can someone help me? (Sorry for my bad English, I’m from Germany)

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If you look here:

That means you ran out of memory. That is very common on hardware devices.

Kein Problem dein Englisch ist gut! (Bin Österreicher)
(Translation: No problem your English is good)


Can you share your game?
The most common cause is having too many sprites on the screen at once.

You can turn on ‘Stats’ in the simulator menu to see how many sprites you have at once:

Using “auto destroy” to remove sprites off screen is often enough to keep the sprite count down (depending on your game of course):

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Du sprech deutsch? Ich bin lernen deutsch in der letztes jahre, und ich kenne etwas deutsch. Sorry wenn es schlecht ist.

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Yes I do! Even though it is not fully correct but I know what you mean! I know how hard german is! You are doing great! Especially der,die,das…

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Thanks! :sweat_smile: I’m still kinda new to german tho. I have been learning it for only 2 years.

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