Events vs. Conditionals? Execution Errors

If I execute the attached code, an A Button Pressed executes my jumpscare function correctly. If I try it with a collision detection, or timer event, it misbehaves. Anybody able to shed light on this?

Jumpscare Template

Try this please.

The “on sprite of kind overlap tile” block is called by sprite.move(), the screen drawing will not be called until it complete(return). So whatever you do would not be seeing before next screen frame (refresh screen base on the data you updated).

Multi-times changing on one property will result in only the last value you set works.
So marked status and quit ASAP, do your stuffs in a seperate thread, eg. in the forever() .

@cngsensei WOW!! This ACTUALLY scared me. I practically gasped aloud when I touched the rock and the monster appeared! Great job!