Example Optical Flow Code (Drone Stabilisation)

Hello Everybody,

I would really like some help please with identifying which optical flow sensor is being used with the following code I found:

[https://makecode.microbit.org/93888-97269-06615-24867](https://Optical Flow)

There are quite a few different sensors available but I can’t so far (easily) identify which is being used in this code.

Thank you for any help!

It looks like it might be an ADNS-3080.


Thanks for your answer. I wondered about that myself as it seems quite popular on Arduino at least and pretty available.

I need to look more closely at spi communication I think to see if the code matches that particular sensor. Do you have any particular reasons for thinking it’s ADNS-3080 please?

Appreciate it.


Hi @blu,

That’s what I did — I looked at some of the SPI usage, the variable names, and the registers/concepts in the ADNS-3080 data sheet. Things seem to line-up. Since the ADNS-3080 seems like a commonly available sensor with wide use in the Arduino community, it seems like a good candidate.

I didn’t check everything nor did I look to see if there were other sensors in the same family as the ADNS-3080 that may have the same registers. I’ll leave the rest to you :slight_smile:!

Hi @bsiever Ok, much appreciated. I haven’t looked at the datasheet yet. That’s a good idea.

Thanks so much :slightly_smiling_face: