Excavation Excursion - My Prehistoric Game Jam Entry!

In excavation excursion, you must collect artifacts and fossils in order to upgrade your storage and reach new excavation sites! You can also collect pets from eggs as you go! The pets will help you hunt for artifacts and fossils! I will probably add more onto this after the game jam.

I’m not completely sure how the submission process works, so I also submitted this onto the game submission form on the Game Jam page, just to be safe.


Some extra information about the game:

  • Almost everything saves, thanks to @Sarge’s BetterSettings extension.
  • There are currently only two excavation sites; the one you start off in, and the one you unlock after that.
  • Artifacts and fossils collected in the first excavation site will only fill up one value in your storage, as opposed to the five values filled up when you collect an artifact or fossil in the second site.
  • Pets from the first excavation site that are used in the second excavation site will only fill up one value in your storage when they find an artifact or fossil, as opposed to the pets from the second site, which will fill up five values when they collect an artifact or fossil.
    Sorry if any of this is confusing… :sweat_smile: