Feature Suggest: Folders

Hello! I have a suggestion for a future version of Arcade. How about a feature that allows you to create folders in which we can put in certain kinds of projects. Like on folder can be used for prototypes/experiments, and another folder can be used to sort out final projects, etc. Let me know if this is already a feature.


I like this idea too!
The hard part for us is figuring out how this should be shown to the user, and especially doing it in such a way that it doesn’t confuse or add complexity for beginning users.

Another option instead of folders there could be project labels or tags?

Either way, these could be managed in the All My Projects view.


Oh, yes labels is a great idea too!

Yes the labels would be good! Maybe you can even add your own labels! And then you should be able to search for a label! (Maybe even be able to add multiple labels to 1 project)