Fire & Ice

This is a fun little game my son and I created together. He designed the entire game and came up with all the ideas on how it should work and I helped him code it. I had a good time working with him on it.

Just shoot the snake with the snow and ice power to turn his fire to into ice and collect as many as you can for points. Avoid the fire or you will lose a life.

For every 20 points, you gain freeze power to freeze the snake temporarily. Game gets harder the more points you get. Collect the bonus power ups, health and armor along the way!

Play to beat the high score.

Used the scrolling landscape from the Bunny Hop project and used the armor bar from the Health Bar project.


I scored 1 (early monday morning)… This is a neat game.


Monday Morning: 105 points. Super hard and sacrificed me to get a rainbow powerup thing. Don ask me why I did that cause I have no idea

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147 points!


Link to GitHub version Fire & Ice. As far as I know, this game has no issues with the latest MakeCode version.