First person shooter

One of my favorite kinds of games is fps games (first person shooter) they are really fun if someone can make this then I would be so glad.

You can look at this but there’s a lot of math involved.

I see that you have the map but could you add a gun and some targets

Hmmmm…I don’t know…my brain is currently too small for such complicated things.

Although I will suggest if you really want to use 3D, use Unity or Unreal or some other 3D engine.

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Ok thanks for the fed back


credit to the person who made the 3d map

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So you know how to can add like walls and stuff well you could add a wall that is shaped like a box and when the game start the wall starts to follow the player.

i don’t know if i can make that

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Thats ok i can try but its not not going to be easy

you may need to go into javascript

Yes maybe but then I’d have to learn how to do the JavaScript better than i can. This going to be tuff but i think i might be able to do it.