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3D raycasting in Arcade

I’ve been playing a bit with fake 3D raycasting, as done in original Wolfenstein 3D from id Software.

It’s not much of a game, you can just walk around, but there are no other characters and nothing really to do. This should become a package to make 3D games. I’m a bit on the fence here, if it should use the tilemap APIs, or have its own set of APIs (which are quite similar to tilemap - you set the map and assigned textures to each pixel).

It runs on SAMD51 at around 50fps and on STM32 at around 35fps.

It only works in (in fact you can make it work on the released version, but it’s somewhat slower then, especially on hardware).


This looks so cool! Should I stop working on my side project, then? It seems like there is a lot of overlap.

Not at all! You have a different algorithm and it will allow for different games - you can go up and down. Also it’s unclear if I will have time to turn mine into package…

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Wow, really awesome! This brings me way back to Wolfenstein and Doom and Marathon in such a great way.

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