Five Nights At Freddy's Code Bug

I am attempting to remake five nights at freddy’s in makecode, its going well… its not horrible, although theres one bug that I cant figure out. When the doors are closed and chika goes down to the jumpscare spot, instead of the sprite appearing on the stage, it just vanishes. I know the “if” statements work, but the sprite is buggy. pls help

You need to post a link to get help.

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there are a lot of fnf recreations :sweat_smile:

Apologies, here it is.

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yes there is, however this is not fnf (friday night funkin) this is fnaf (five nights at freddy’s)

and also i would like to help but sadly i don’t know how to debug :pensive:

oh sorry sometimes that mixes me up because they both have kinda the same name sometimes i even call it five nights at funkins but there is also a lot of fnaf recreations

Well if there is I haven’t found any