Five nights at frogers V0.9

Verzion v1 will be released soon all i need to do is fix the bugs i hope u enjoy my game so far.


Plz reply on how u think or any suggestions

wow, this is incredible!! the art is great, and i love the way you’ve set up the world with the player waking up in his house then travelling to froggers for work; also super smart use of sprite size as a game mechanic, it’s a really clever way to block off certain areas of the map. i also liked the “jumpscares” with the frog appearing out of nowhere–definitely got me a few times haha

some other features you could consider are: a “flashlight battery” item that scares away the frog for a few seconds (kind of like the cherries in pacman), having the difficulty increase in later levels (needing to go to multiple rooms to accomplish the goal, or having multiple enemies), maybe having multiple floors to the pizza place to explore in later levels

overall, great game!

I planed on add more enemies and rooms and task in v2

I score this game a TEN, @eligaming1311 and maybe for reasons that you don’t expect. We are using your 5 Nights at frogers as a story telling program using jacdac to control a pizza delivery car and your pizza worker on the BrainPad game console. Here’s the video:

Thanks to @eligaming1311 for the game, thanks to @bosnivan for showing us how to code the jacdac system in Arcade to drive motors, thanks to @jamesadevine for developing the jacdac system and especially thanks to Peli and Tom Ball and others on the MakeCode and Arcade teams. Also thanks to @Gus at GHI electronics for the BrainPad and to @KittenBot, Christina Zhang for the Meowbit.
We want to teach our kids about electronics and coding for their future smart world of work and home. Arcade is a great way to get them interested, bot cars and battle bots demonstrate a lot about electronics.




10 but it scares the crap out of me when i see the alien
Believe me ive played all four FNAF and dont play them. its really scary

Heyyy, @shakao I am friends with Eli Irl, and since he has not been able to put a new update for the game out, (for… reasons lol) we worked together and added new sprite animations, new level design, and different dialogue. We call this update update 0.91. The game is most likely nowhere near being finished, and we are still in beta testing, but we will accept more tips and pointers on how to make the game better. And yes, we probably will add a flashlight. :wink: You guys are very supportive of us, so we will make sure do do as much as we can to make this game better! If you could, can you try to spread the word about the game too? If you can not, it’s fine, but if yes, then thank you!

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