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Forum Idea: New Category?

I think it would be pretty nice to add a “miscellaneous” category to the forum. I say this because if someone created a game in another game engine but still wanted to share it with this community, they should be able to share it.


A) yes, I know it’s the Microsoft Makecode Forums, not whatever game engine they used.)
B) however if in actuality they can just post a topic about their game in, say the show and tell category, then you can pretty much just disregard this idea. If not, then please consider creating another category for situations like this.
C) the miscellaneous topic is not a place to share memes, just stuff that is not that related to makecode, like games you created in another game engine or some other thing I forgot
D) real reason I requested this is because I’m developing a game in another game engine and still really wanted to share it with you guys

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Hi personalnote,
Thanks for your idea! We can discuss it. But I did want to draw your attention to our MakeCode Forum Code of Conduct - Arcade - Microsoft MakeCode. We try to ensure that discussion is focused on MakeCode projects to avoid randomization of topics, and we are also trying to ensure this is a safe community, so we’re careful of people posting unknown external links.
Thanks for your understanding. And I’m super glad that you’re finding a cool supportive community for your game development here!

oh, okay