Game God can I have your help?

@GameGod I really liked how in your Makecode Arcade Ocean Jam, you made it possible to customize parts of the submarine. Can I have your help in replicating that effect for a game I’m working on? I need to be able to customize a player’s (robot) weapons and other things. Thanks.

Sure! How many customizations do you want? For example, in my game, I had three (Base, cannon, propeller). Also, do you want each part to have stats (mine had “attack, defense, speed”)? Do you want parts to have a name? Do you want it to customize between owned parts or all parts? Any other features you want?

Also, can you draw a picture of the layout? For example, here is a picture of mine.

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I want the player to be able to customize weapons, legs(for speed), and battery(for health). Yes, I would like stats: Health, speed, and firepower. I think a similar layout to yours would be fine. I just need the layout and the switching system. I will do the rest. Thanks

Okay! I think I will also make the display.