Gamepad for Arcade?

Hey, anyone know anyway to have a external modern controller (gamepad; Xbox, PS5,4) to control a make code arcade game?

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I know you can make something similar with a breadboard and some components but IDK about controllers, I have been able to use the charging cable for my PS4 controller and connect it to my computer to play makecode games.

XBox One(USB cable, bluetooth version OR with PC adapter) and X series, PS4 and 5 and many other controllers I believe have built-in support on Win10 and there are numerous open source drivers and solutions for older controller(PS3 etc.):

Most Chrome-based browsers and others also support controllers with, if I am not mistaken, the Gamepad API:

That is, if you here are asking about "external modern controller"s for controlling MakeCode Arcade games running inside the web simulator in a browser on a Windows desktop computer?

Probably similar solutions on Linux and MacOS desktop computers as well, but I have not tried.

Only for fun I just tested the Jumpy Platformer on my iPhone in the Safari browser, and it worked great using a Nimbus SteelSeries controller connected via Bluetooth, in addition to the on-screen touch controls of the web simulator.

I use a Xbox controller to Control a lot of my games so I think that should work

Thank you for all the replies. I have been able to controll with the arrow keys in the past but not joystick detection? Have you guys?


Yes, on most platforms in a web browser, see my last reply.

What platform are you on?
-In a browser on a Windows, MacOS or Linux PC? A phone or pad? A Raspberry Pi?

Windows. Although last time I tried it was on a Chromebook. I have had trouble getting the controller connected so I will share when I do.

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